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JO's Background

Junior Olympics: What we are about


Junior Olympic Volleyball (JO’S)
The Vision of the program is to provide opportunities for the maximum number of STMA volleyball athletes to play within the limitations of our situation, (gym space).  We will contnue to raise the level of play and competitiveness through:
           Level of training/coaching
           Competitive Scheduling
           Physical training for health and performance
Club Training and Philosophy
           Systematic, high repetition based
           Balance of team development and player skill development
                   teams need to be as successful as possible, however
                   players must show skill progress throughout the year
           High expectations-accountability of our coaches and players
The season is from Mid Nov and goes to early April or May – depending on your age level and team placement. Girls can start as early as 10 years of age to 18 years of age. 
The levels or team’s are;
12’s (ages 10 thru 12, or 4th, 5th and 6th grades)  
13’s (age 13 or 7th grade) 
14’s (age 14 or 8th grade) 
15’s (age 15 or 9th grade)  
16’s (age 16 or 10th grade)  
17’s (age 17 or 11th grade)